Frequently asked questions

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    Can I get a refund?
    Generally speaking, no. We will occasionally issue a refund for unusual circumstances, less a $25.00 administration fee. If you are injured we reserve the right to pass your registration on to next year. Please note, we still reserve the right to deny a refund.
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    What do I receive with my registration?
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    Can I pick up my friend's registration?
    Yes, but we don't recommend it. Jerseys are a final sale, but may be exchanged if inventory permits.
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    Do you need volunteers?
    Always. Please use our contact form.
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    What are the distances?
    Our routes have changed over the years, but we strive to include a 25 km family ride, 50km, 75km, 100km and 160km (Saturday ONLY)
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    Can I ride a tandem, recumbent , mountain bike or tricycle?
    You can ride whatever bike you'd like, except for an E-motorbike. As the ride is designed to grow cycling, we want to encourage riders of all levels and styles.  Note: The routes are designed for a road bike.
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    Are the roads closed for the tour?
    No roads are closed for the Dunnville Grand Tour. Riders must obey all highway traffic rules including stop signs and stoplights.
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    Are the routes marked?
    Yes, all rides are marked with route colour-coded arrows. Riders will also receive a route map with written instructions at the time of registration.
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    Are there rest stops with food, water and toilets on the rides?
    Yes. All routes have full rest stops with food, water and toilets.
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    What do I do if I need assistance?
    If you have a serious medical emergency, call emergency personnel at 911. If you have a minor medical emergency, or are having difficulty cycling or a mechanical problem with your bicycle, call the number on your route map.
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    Is the Dunnville Grand Tour a bicycle race?
    This is not a race. The purpose of the event is to provide a safe enjoyable day of cycling through Dunnville and the surrounding countryside.
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    Can I register for one ride and switch to another ride?
    Yes. When you arrive at the registration desk, simply ask for the desired route map.
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    Is the Dunnville Grand Tour held if it is raining?
    Yes. The tour will be held rain or shine. If there is a major downpour, we will delay the start of the ride until the weather improves. If there is severe lightning , the start will be delayed until the weather clears.
Your registration includes refreshments at rest stops, SAG vehicles, start mechanics, swag from sponsors and options to buy limited edition branded items at discount. We strive to provide entertainment, culturally appropriate foods and a well-managed event.
If you have more questions please contact us